Joog Layde officially started her rap career in 2008. Combining with a local group called “Stack Bread Ent” appearing in “they love me” music video being the First Lady, based in North Atlanta Ga. Joog layde goes for short “Joog” she got her name from a close friend that monitored her ambitious hustle as a trapper/rapper over several years and bubba banks called it as he seen it. Joog layde is born and raised in north Atlanta, ga. Born July 8th, 1994, Her given name is Shannen Michael Woodall. Her story is a long path to follow. She started to adore music by singing karaoke in local bars at the age of 6, while her mother worked as a bartender and father as security.. When she reached 9 years old, her parents got divorced… feeling inclined into “the trap life” she started hustling. A few years later, At the age of 11, she started writing poetry and her own raps. She rap battled growing up in Gwinnett, at different parks and events. Joog layde was always around , with her own bag of money and stance. As things got deeper , she walked into the wrong situation at the wrong time and got shot in her foot by a stray bullet, almost losing her life. She didn’t stop there. As she began to learn how to walk again she attended North Gwinnett High School as a freshman and got expelled. Later obtaining her GED. She lived close enough to the school to walk. Joog was known for throwing the hottest house parties, selling what people wanted and charging people to park their cars on her yard for high school events. After going through several life changing events she decided to take her music more seriously… then joined the group SBE where she most importantly learned loyalty and released her first video on YouTube (2011). She ended up going her own separate way when everyone else did….later meeting and working with Cheeto Gambine. Soon after creating “Jusgas music group” and joog was the first lady to drop music with them. (2012) The music buzz continued as more of the city learned her name. At 17 ..some trouble came,Joog caught a case and had to sit down….after going through a cycle of prison, she didn’t give up.  Her dreams started to make sense when she stayed consistent with DJ Knight, a mentor, friend, manager, coach , the one to strategize it all ..after doing a few shows together … the feedback was too real. Shortly after coming home at 19 she released her first solo single “joogin round tha city” (2014) …she performed all around the city …the buzz continued…Joog gave birth to a son at 21. She Went through the system again but came back 100x stronger. Well focused and determined… she purchased her own studio, recorded and wrote her own music releasing her new single in years  “joog layde back” (2019) then struck again with another single “Cat Walk”. (2020) Joog layde has remained independent, not forgetting where she came from… and who with… more focused then ever Joog Layde just released her new single “bossin” (2021) with urgency.

BOSSIN – DIRTY (Listen + Download)
BOSSIN – CLEAN (Listen + Download)

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