PLEASESAYTHEDJ represents breaking artists, hosting mixtapes, events, tours, radio exposure and more! We will represent your brand, artist or product as if it was our own. Whenever the right team gets together, we can accomplish any situation and be successful as long as each team member plays their part and plays it well, then there will be nothing we can’t achieve.
Pleasesaythedj is also In partnership with DigiGlobal Media Group. A international media company that produces content for film, television and radio. With major projects covered from Africa to the United States, DigiGlobal Media Group impact on a worldwide scale landing productions on major networks including and not limited to MTV, BET, GhanaTV, VEVO, and other Viacom platforms.
Specializing in marketing and media production, DigiGlobal Media Group team boasts talent from all different design parameters. Professional make-up artists, cinematographers, editors, sound engineers work together locally and internationally to complete the clients package.
As you know, your success relies on your determination, talent and your fan base. We are here to help you establish your name, push your music and ultimately grow your fan base. DigiGlobal Media Group offers everything you need to become a marketable and profitable company. Services include corporate branding, video production, audio production commercials, social media promo, street teams, bookings, radio play, video placement and more.

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